Fan Filter Units(FFUs) is air cleaning equipment to supply purified air to the clean room for manufacturing semiconductor , liquid crystal, etc. The installation space is the system ceiling grid. For a large clean room, the number of required FFU is from several hundreds to several thousands.

Concept of FFU Development

Concept of FFU Development
1. To reduce running cost by saving energy
2. To reduce construction cost and term by thin, light and compact structure
3. To reduce initial cost by total design of clean room including noise spec.etc

We development FFU units basing upon the above concept to meet all the requirements for constructing, operating and maintaining clean rooms

Advantage of clean room with FFU
1. The construction period can be shortened
2. The degree of cleanness from class 1 to class 1000 can be set and the degree of cleanness can be set at each area
3. Because the back in the ceiling is a low-pressure, the potential of the leakage is low
4. Bay method or through the wall method is possible by the arrangement of layout of FFU
5. The velocity of the air flow can be set at each area
6. Flexible increase or change of the clean room is possible by the arrangement of FFU

Technical data see TECHDOC or on request