Air showers are specialised antechambers which personnel need to pass through before entering cleanrooms in order to decontaminate. This is done so by clearing off dust and dirt particles from bodies of cleanroom personnel to minimize contamination of equipment or products. HEPA filters are generally used in air shower units to filter out particles greater than 0.3 micrometres in size.

"air" is designed in module concept, easy to installation. Good branding components with stable performance.
Control panel with LCD, easy to set many function.
The design offers self-cleanning when no one pass thru the air shower.


Range of application:
as a purification equipment can be used in all kinds of cleanroom.
Semiconductor industry,Pharma industry,Bio-labs, e.t.c.


• G4(EN779) Prefilterfor return air & fresh air intake
• H14(EN1822)-HEPA Filter (99.99% at 0.3 micron) at outlet position
• power coated steel door(SUS on option) with double walled flush glass view panels & door closer
• control panel on LCD screen
• DOP Test Port is on option
• control Systems-to ensure that both the doors cannot open at the same time & to ensure that both the doors will be locked during the time air flow is on.
•Timer for setting Air Shower operation time

• emergency STOP
• different door orientation
• automatic as well as Manual Mode

•Technical data see TECHDOC or on request