A ceiling grid is often a secondary ceiling in cleanroom, hung below the main (structural) ceiling. It may also be referred to as a  T-bar ceiling or suspended ceiling. The area above the ceiling grid is called the plenum space, as it is used for HVAC air return. The FFUs are installed within the ceiling grid system.

"grid" is advantage of being able to incorporate tear-drop lighting, blank panel and FFUs.

"grid" heavy type is designed to withstand concentraded load of 300kg.


Range of application:
As a T-bar ceiling can be used in all kinds of cleanroom.
Semiconductor industry,Pharma industry,Bio-labs, e.t.c.



•avalible in powder coated aluminium profile(on option)
•avalibel in heavy duty or light duty
•can be connect with sprinkler(heavy duty type only)
•Electro-magnetic Interlock, mechanical interlock is on option
•easy to be installed on site
•Technical data see TECHDOC or on request